Ancient India:All about Pre- historic period or Stone age


.Prehistoric Age refers to the time when there was no writing and development.
. The recent reported artefacts from Bori in
Maharashtra the appearance of human beings in India around 4.1 million years ago. The early man in India used tools of stone, roughly
dressed by crude clipping.
Ancient India
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. This period is therefore, known as the Stone Ago.which has been divided into

The Palaeolithic or Old Stone Age
The Mesolithte or Middle Stone Age
The Neolithic or New Stone Age
The Chaleolithic Age

1.The Palaeolithic Age

(500000-9000 BC)

✓Palaeolithic men were hunters and food
✓They had no knowledge of agriculture, fire or
pottery; they used tools of unpolished, rough
stones and lived in cave rock shelters.

✓They are also called Quartzite men.

✓Homo Sapiens first appeared in the last
phase of this period.

✓This age is divided into three phases according to the nature of the stone tools used by the people and the changes in the climate and environment.

2.The Mesolithic Age (9000-4000 BC)

✓lt intervened as a transitional phase between the Palaeolithic Age and the Neolithic Age.

✓In this age, the climate became warm and dry
which brought about changes in fauna and flora and made it possible for human beings to move to new areas.

✓The Mesolithic people lived on hunting,
fishing and food-gathering. At a later stage, they also domesticated animals.

✓The people of the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic
Ages practised painting.

✓ Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh,is a striking site of pre-historic painting of Mesolithic age.

3.The Neolithic Age (4000-1000 BC)

✓The people of this age used tools and
implements of polished stone. They particularly used stone axes.
✓It is interesting that in Burzahom, domestic dogs were buried with their masters in
their graves.
✓First use of hand made pottery and potter wheel appears during the Neolithic age. ✓Neolithic lived in caves and decorated their
walls with hunting and dancing scenes.

4.The Chalcolithic Age  (2800BC-700 BC)

✓ The metal made by them were mostly the imitations of thele ะต stone forms.

✓Copper was the first metal used by men and the culture based on the use of stone and
copper tools is called the Chalcolithic

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